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Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, 24th Mac 2009 was our 9th wedding anniversary. How time flies *sigh*... Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah...thank you God the Almighty for giving us the most wonderful and blessed life together. We've had problems, we've had our ups and downs, but Alhamdulillah, so far we have been able to face everything together. It takes a lot of patience, both for me and him.

Dear hubby and I have different personalities. He loves the outdoor, football and fishing especially, but I love indoor, cooped up with my books and my laptop. He loves adventure, but I'm the timid ever cautious type of person. He's a quiet person, prefer to think rather than talk..but I'm a bubbly person..non-stopped talking. Hehe..But we try to find our common ground. While he watches football, I will sit beside him and do my reading. Sometimes our fingers entangled together with both our children sleeping on our laps. And when he goes fishing, I will be at his side too, but with my books of course :)

I know we still have a long long way to go, Insya-Allah...but I just hope that the happy and blessed life we have now will remain this way. I hope both of us are tough enough to go through whatever tests that will be coming along the way. I pray that our life together will always be blessed by Allah the Almighty and may our love remains strong both in this life and hereafter, Insya-Allah...Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Enough of that ramblings...so yesterday I had another reason to bake! Hehehe... Dear hubby is not someone very fond of cakes though..he prefers the simple and plain type..no icing.. So, I baked a banana cake, and then wrapped it with white fondant. This is my first attempt ever to cover a cake with fondant. Hmm..had quite a 'tiring' time and had to get help from my mom when covering the cake with the big layer of fondant. Printed an edible image of our wedding pix, did some simple deco with chocolate ganache and walla...our cake is ready! :D

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary for me and my hubby :D

7 Foot Steps:

Cik Kham & Co said...

Hepi Anniversary Kak...Cute nyer gambo perantin dia tuh..heheheee....romantic couple lah u all nih...Bestnyer kek..biler nak belanje kite mkn kek???

*** senyum sendrik kalo tgk balik gambo wedding kami

aramis2177 said...

Happy anniversary kak iza......
iskk...dah 9 thn ehhh!tingat jer masa zaman kat UTM dulu kan...hehehhee.......
akak...kek akak buat tu cantekkkknyeeee!!bestnyeeee......xyah susah2 tempah!iskk...jeles aih!!!
anyway..farah doakan moga jodoh akak & abg zul berkekalan hingga akhir hayat!AMin!

Iza Zulkifli said...

Hehe..thank you girls..MUAHS :)

Kham..boleh aje..jemput la ke rumah..tapi bagitau dulu, nanti akak buatkan awal2..

Farah..ingat zaman utm kan? waahhh..rasa cam tua giler dah..pst..akak baru potong rambut, abg zul kata cam style masa bebudak kat utm dulu, ingat zaman memuda, muahahaha...

farah.munirah said...

Assalamualaikum my dear,

Congratulations!! Happy anniversary!!!
Good to know that you both have reached this far!


So, will I be expecting another bundle of joy in 9-10 months time?? Teehee*grin*

Iza Zulkifli said...

Waalaikumussalam :)

TQ..Alhamdulillah..hehe...new bundle?
Hmm..nak...tapi lom lagi kot :P

zura halid said...

laaa...sebaya ghupanyer usia perkahwinan ko ngan aku...gambo kawin ko...klasik sungguh!

*psstt..mcm sedaapp jek kek tuh!

Iza Zulkifli said...

klasik? kekekeke...gambo time malam berinai tuh...tuh kena klasik2 sebab yang menginainya pun semua klasik2, muakakaka...

sedap, tapi tak habis pun..sudahnya buang aje :) aku buat adunan double, nak test fondant punya pasal.