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My name is Rahiza. And these are some snippets in my Walks of Life :)

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

In 2 days, my beloved country, Malaysia, is going to celebrate her 51th Independence Day. Being a post-independence child, I never really thought much about 'Merdeka'. For me, that day is just like another holiday. Nothing to be fussed about. Sure I know about the history, Tunku Abdul Rahman, etc...and being a Johorean, I'm well aware of Dato' Onn Jaafar, and Malayan Union.

However, something changed my perspective. When I was on my way to LA, I spent my time watching an in-flight movie: "1957:Hati Malaya". It started quite slow. But then it described one by one, the events that triggered our independence from the British. One scene touched me the most, that I found myself stiffling cries..and tears running down my cheeks. It's when the character 'Tunku Abdul Rahman', was telling the people that he and his men were going to London, to meet Lyttleton, to discuss about independence. However, they're lacked of money and resources. Spontaneously, the people attended the meeting decided then and there, to give whatever little money they have, to sponsor the journey. Men gave out their cents and dollars, and women gave their precious gold bangles, rings etc. Such were their sacrifices. Nothing can stop their hunger for independence.

Another thing that I noticed was when the Malays rejected Dato' Onn's idea of bringing in non-Malays to UMNO. That idea conflicted with the purpose of UMNO, which is to stand up for the Malays. I could see that Dato' Onn's intention of doing that was to convince the British, that we, people of Malaya can work together, and eventually we would be capable of running the country ourselves, even when we were from different races.

When Tunku Abdul Rahman took over UMNO, he actually came up with the same idea. It was fundamental to do so, because the British has concluded that in order to give our independence, they expect all races to work together. Honestly, in my personal opinion, the British sincerely thought that we won't be able to do this, hence they would have the reason NOT to give us our independence. However, Tunku's idea was a bit different from Dato' Onn's. He didn't bring in the non-Malays into UMNO. Each race sticked to their own parties. The Malays with UMNO, the Chinese with MCA, and the Indians with MIC. But they were brought together in a coalition named Parti Perikatan. They eventually won the election and was able to form a Federal Government and led to Tanah Melayu's Independence.

Watching the movie, I realised the significance of UMNO. UMNO started it all...Dato' Onn started it all..the day when the British announced Malayan Union, UMNO has worked hard for us.

However, the UMNO today is not the same as the UMNO then. The leaders today are NOT the same with the leader then. Then, they worked for the soul purpose of giving a better life to the Rakyats. Tun Abdul Razak died without even having his own house. Dato' Onn died with only a few dollars in his pocket.

Can we say the same about the leaders today? Cronism and briberies are everywhere. The rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer. Sure, there are always talks and discussions about how to improve this and that...Corridors and mega projects here and there, but who will actually benefited this project?

I sure hope that the leaders of UMNO today would eventually realised what the people want. We love UMNO, we know what UMNO has done for us. But we are not living in the history. There's nothing wrong with UMNO. It's the people who's running it.

With the winning of DSAI in Permatang Pauh, Malaysia is slowly, but surely, in the verge of changes. We're witnessing another cycle of historic events that might change the course of our future. Whatever it turned up to be, I sure hope it would be the best for the Rakyat, especially for our future generation.

Willow Tree

Currently, we're staying in Willow Trees Apartment, here in 4445 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, California.

I've always wonder how does a willow tree look like. Not sure what it's called in Bahasa Melayu. But I'm pretty sure that there's no willow tree in Malaysia. Well, there's a big one in front of the apartment's office. From my apartment's verandah, I can also see the tree. I wonder how old it is. It must have seen years of historic events..perhaps even the war between the states? Haha..that's too much an imagination I guess.

This is the willow tree near the apartment' office.

Here's some info on willow tree that I got from Wikipedia:

Willows, sallows and osiers form the genus Salix, around 400 species[1] of deciduous trees and shrubs, found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species are known as willow, but some narrow-leaved shrub species are called osier, and some broader-leaved species are called sallow (the latter name is derived from the Latin word salix, willow).
The willows all have abundant watery sap, bark which is heavily charged with salicylic acid, soft, usually pliant, tough wood, slender branches and large, fibrous, often stoloniferous roots. The roots are remarkable for their toughness, size, and tenacity of life, and roots readily grow from aerial parts of the plant.

The leaves are typically elongated but may also be round to oval, frequently with a serrated margin. All the buds are lateral; no absolutely terminal bud is ever formed. The buds are covered by a single scale, enclosing at its base two minute opposite buds, alternately arranged, with two, small, scale-like, fugacious, opposite leaves. The leaves are alternate, except the first pair which fall when about an inch long. They are simple, feather-veined, and typically linear-lanceolate. Usually they are serrate, rounded at base, acute or acuminate. The leaf petioles are short, the stipules often very conspicuous, looking like tiny round leaves and sometimes remaining for half the summer. On some species, however, they are small, inconspicuous, and fugacious (soon falling). In color the leaves show a great variety of greens, ranging from yellowish to bluish

The fruit is a small, one-celled, two-valved, cylindrical beaked capsule containing numerous tiny (0.1 mm) seeds. The seeds are furnished with long, silky, white hairs, which allow the fruit to be widely dispersed by the wind.

The leaves and bark of the willow tree have been mentioned in ancient texts from Assyria, Sumer and Egypt[5] as a remedy for aches and fever,[6] and the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote about its medicinal properties in the 5th century BC. Native Americans across the American continent relied on it as a staple of their medical treatments. This is because they contain salicylic acid, the precursor to aspirin.

In JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is an ancient tree on the school grounds of Hogwarts called the "Whomping Willow". It is provided as a hiding spot of a secret passageway that Professor Remus Lupin roamed through every full moon when he began his transformation into a werewolf.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Takes Oath

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim takes oath as MP on Thursday 28 August 2008 morning, Malaysia Time. He is now the Head of the Opposition in the Parliament.

It's a victory for him as well as the people. It has been quite a long journey with lots of bumps and hick-ups along the way. Let's give him and the Opposition the chance for them to execute whatever the promise they have given us, the Rakyat, for a better quality life.

I don't understand why some people are so scared of changing governments. This is normal in other parts of the world. For example, here in US, the Democrats and Republicans keep rotating for every 8 years (most of the time).


Oh yeah...congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for having won Permatang Pauh P44 election. Anybody who knows me should know that I'm a big supporter of him. The man has gone through so much, and I think that the time has come for justice to prevail.

People Power!

Anger Management Anyone?

I desperately need to enrol in a class - Anger Management or Stress Management.

The kids are driving me up the wall, especially Harith. From the time they woke up in the morning till they go to sleep at night, there are constant fights and yelling and pulling hair and tugging and pushing and squeking...and the list goes on and on and on.


Sometimes I can't control myself and start yelling at them. Or worst, I will spank Harith. Well, Hannah is too small to understand, but Harith is already 6 years old, and I expect him to be more responsible and follow the rules.

Sometimes I got angry so much that my chest hurts. My heart will thump and thump till I could practically hear the rhythm.

Am I a bad mother? *Sighhhhh*

Redondo Beach & Shopping...errrr..Groceries Onlylah :)

We decided to go fishing yesterday (well, actually Abah decided ;)). Redondo Beach is only about 10 minutes drive from our apartment. It's a beautiful beach, with a big pier, lots of fishings going on. There're lots and lots of birds around too..even pelicans..always waiting for their lucky day when some of the catchers throw some fishes at them.

Getting ready

Abang and Adik had great times chasing the birds


Still no fish..after almost 2 hours...poor Abah :)

Adik Hannah enjoying onion rings.

Finally, at 3 p.m., dear Hubby decided to call it a day. Phewww... too many anglers anyway, and almost all were out of luck. Ikan mogok agaknya, haha..

So later we decided to do some groceries shopping, since Ramadhan is coming in less than 1 week. Naturally we're looking for Asian groceries. There's one that I had been to when I was here last year, named Bangkok Market. It's a Thai grocery shop. So off we go. Took about 30 minutes. It's located in Melrose Avenue, near Downtown LA. So we get normal things like, cili api, daun limau purut, lengkuas, budu, sambal etc etc.

Bangkok Market

Then we went to Pioneer Blvd. This is the place where most Indian communities are living in LA. They actually have a Little India here. Rows of Indian shops..be it restaurants, groceries, textiles, watches, jewelerries, electrical appliances, etc etc all run by Indians. So we went to one of those shops and grab some spices, a few types of chillies, frozen paratha etc etc.

Pioneer Blvd

Actually, there're lots of Asians here in LA. There're the Thais, the Indians, the Pinoys, the Japanese, the Koreans..to name a few...they live in certain parts of LA where u can find the big community there. If I'm not mistaken, where the Pinoys are, the streets name like Mindanoa Street.

Hmm..I think it's time for the Malaysians to be here as well?? I might start a Malaysian restaurant or grocery store..LOL.

Anyway, I went home fully satisfied. Now my kitchen is well stocked, and I'm all ready to celebrate the arrival of Ramadhan, Insya-Allah.

LA Discovery Science Center

The plan was to go to Disneyland today, but thanks to Adik Hannah (who woke up at 11.30 p.m. after sleeping from 4 p.m. and who went back to sleep again, finally, at 4.30 a.m. (Huaghhh...)), all of us woke up late..around 9 a.m. After taking shower and preparing and having brunch, we finally left the apartment around 12.30 p.m. So, no point of going to Disneyland. The tickets are too expensive when half of the day is already gone.

So, we decided to take the kids to the Discovery Science Center instead. It's not too much of an excitement I guess, but from their website, I know there's an exhibition of 'Bob The Builder' there..so, that should make them happy. It took about 45 minutes for us to reach there.

Abang and Adik, buckled up..all set to go.

Adik finally losing her patience.."Ummi..please...nak duduk depannn...UWAAAAAA"

Overall, the experiements are not that much impressive. Almost the same like what we have in Petrosains, KLCC. But as I've said, their monthly features for this month are 'Bob The Builder' and 'The Dinosour Adventure'. The kids really loved Bob..and they keep singing Bob's theme song over and over again.

Bob The Builder
Can We Fix It?!
Bob The Builder
Yes We Can!

Scoop, Muck and Rollie
And Loafty Too
Wendy and Dizzy Join The Crew
Bob And The Gang Have So Much Fun
Working Together
They Get The Job Done

There're little workshops where the kids are able to fix things just like Bob does. Here Abah is helping Harith to fix the pipe in Bob's Mobile Home.

Adik Hannah loves Wendy.

There's a gigantic T-Rex outside the center. All with realistic blood pumping in his body (complete with sound). There are a few other types of dino as well.

More pictures in my online album:

Here's a little something on the center.

Discovery Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers and increasing public understanding and appreciation of science, math and technology through interactive exhibits and programs. Taco Bell Corp. has provided major funding to Discovery Science Center. Individuals, foundations, corporations, and the local, state and federal government have also made contributions.

Discovery Science Center is a 59,000-square-foot learning facility designed to spark children's natural curiosity. Discovery Science Center is dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers and increasing public understanding and appreciation of science, math and technology through interactive exhibits and programs. It is a community-wide resource where families come together to learn and have fun. The County's residents and school districts are served by this educational resource.

Within DSC there are approximately 120 interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to search for answers, think and explore. The center is divided into several themed areas.

Anyway, we Malaysians can be proud of Petronas's Petrosains. My personal opinion, ours is better than theirs. :)


As I've predicted, my hands are quite full these days. Abang and Adik are still adjusting their body clock. They sleep all day, and want to play all through the night. Arghhh.. As a result, my head is spinning. I have to be awake at night, to make sure they won't do anything dangerous, such as climbing on the TV set or playing with the kitchen utensils,and to make sure they won't disturb their Dad because dear hubby has to work the next day/..and I also have to be awake during the day, to cook for lunch and dinner. Helppp!!! I'm in a dire need of sleep! So far I've only managed to catch some sleep maximum 3 hours stretch in between day and night. I'm feeling lousy. Don't even have any idea what to blog. I really hope the kids would adjust their time as soon as possible.

Abang and Adik go on adventure!

On Sunday, 17/08/08, we took the 12.15 p.m. flight from Senai. It was the kids' second time on flight. The first time when we took them to Kuching about a year and a half ago. Naturally, they were excited about it. They knew they were going to US, but they had no idea how long the trip would be.

Abang and Adik in Senai Airport

Off we go!

We reached KLIA about 45 minutes later. Immediately took the tramp to the international terminal. Since Harith is gaga about train, obviously he was so excited about it. Hehe..

In the tramp

Then we had our lunch at the Golden Lounge, since dear hubby is a Gold Enrich Club member. Goodie..free lunch..haha..but the food was so and so laa..(takde la best sangatt!! haiyaa..nasib baik free, hehe)

Abang and Adik had Mee Soup (their favourite!)

At 2.45 p.m. we boarded MH094, to Los Angeles.

Yey yey yey! We're going on a jumbo jet! (that's what they call big plane, hehe..)

Hannah, settling down.

Transit in Taipei (4 hours had passed, another 12.5 hours to go *sigh*)

Getting ready for bed. Hannah didn't spend a long time on the "bed", hehe..she slept on my lap the whole night through.

After almost 17 hours from KLIA, we reached Los Angeles. Abang and Adik were excited. We could already see the city from up here.

We reached LA about 7.30 p.m. LA time. But the immigration clearance took quite some time. Dear hubby had to go through some interview. Since he's always in and out of the country, they had to really know what he's actually doing in US. Doesn't help when his last name is Othman (haha..a definitely Arabic name). Me and the kids had to wait for him outside. At last, about 10.30 p.m. we walked out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, LAX.

Hannah, looking tired, but Harith, still in his cheeky mood, hehe..

Dear hubby rented a car. It's compulsory for babies to sit in their car seats over here. It would cost USD 90/week to rent a baby car-seat here, so we brought Hannah's baby car seat from Malaysia. Hannah had never wanted to sit in her car seat back in Malaysia. But she seemed to oblige when we propped her in. Maybe she was too tired to protest. Hehe..

All smiles...

10 minutes later...

Haha...my poor baby :)

She woked up about 3 a.m. in the morning. But later returned to sleep. This is how they were at 1 p.m. at noon. Hehehe...

We had to wake them up, for yet another adventure. We were moving to an apartment that the company has rented for us. So, off we go again.

Abang and Adik, in front of Exstended Stay America Hotel where we had spend the night.

We reached Willow Tree Apartment in Pasific Coast Highway about 15 minutes later. The kids had a nice, warm, bubble bath, had their lunch, and finally settling down in our new home for the next 4 months.

Abang and Adik, watching their favourite cartoon show.

I'm glad that my children have the chance to experience this. Murah rezeki.. kecik-kecik dah sampai sini. Although it won't be a long stay..most probably till the end of the year, but the exposure would be good for them. When I was their age, I didn't even know how to pronounce Los Angeles, let alone dream of coming here. Alhamdulillah...Thank you God. I'm looking forward of becoming a full time house-wife for the next 4 months. No datelines to meet, no meeting with customers, but I'll be sure to have my hands full with one super-active toddler and one non-stop talking pre-schooler. No Bibik to help with the house-hold chores, and no Ibu to help around with the kids. Yes..it would be quite a big challenge ;)

Harith's Pre-School Farewell Party

Forgive for haven't been updating the blog for quite some time. Life was quite hectic. We arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday night, around 7.30 p.m. LA time.

Alright..I start with last Friday (15/08/08). It was Harith's last day in UDA Pre-School. I had planned a farewell party for him and his friends. He was quite excited about it. So, I prepared 27 goody bags (25 students and 2 teachers), plus 27 Supreme Mc Burger. I delivered the stuffs at 9.15 a.m., in time for the recess. I also left my camera with the teacher so that she captures some of the memorable moments. Since it was Friday, the kids were wearing their Baju Melayu.

Harith in his class.

Harith and the gang.

Harith and his best friends, Qayyum (on his left) and Shaifuddin (on his right).

Harith with Cikgu Yusriza and his friends.

A Wonderful Gift....and Hijab

I received a most wonderful and precious gift today. My best friend, Gee, has given me a 'tudung' that she has painfully embroidered by herself. The design is gorgeous! But what touches me the most are her effort and her thoughtfullness. Thank you dear sister. ;) I shall wear it with my jubah during Hari Raya in LA, Insya-Allah.

I'm ashamed to admit that I was quite late in wearing hijab. During university days, I was quite tomboyish..wearing jeans and T-shirts all the times. Among my close friends, I was the only one who was not wearing hijab. Nevertheless, that didn't stop us being great friends. Back then, although I know that hijab is compulsary for Muslim women, I chose to ignore the fact. I can say that it was a 'jahiliyah' time for me. I dared to say "tak sampai seru lagi" (No calling to do that yet)...Astaghfirullah..Forgive Me O God...what was I thinking? God has spoken about this more than 1400 years ago..and the Prophet has conveyed the message. Whose calling was I waiting for? :(

Surah An-Nur (Verse 31): "And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards Allah, that ye may attain Bliss."

Surah Al-Ahzab (Verse 58): "O Prophet! tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

There's been three attempts for me to wear hijab. For the first and second times, I didn't do it because I want to do it. I was wearing it for the benefit of other people. The first time, because most of my office-mates were wearing it. When I quit my job, I stopped wearing hijab. The second time around, I wore it after my Dad passed away. I didn't want him to suffer because his daughter wasn't being a good Muslim. But as time passed by, I tend to be careless, and I stopped wearing it. Now is my third attempt. Why the sudden decision, you readers might ask? About 4 months ago, I did some self-reflection. I felt that something is missing in my life. Something that doesn't feel right. Suddenly I felt scared. I realized that life is very short, anytime..anyday..we can find ourselves suddenly transported to the next world beyond. What have I done to prepare myself for the day? Have I perform my ibadah enough? How can that be enough when I haven't cover the most basic thing - Hijab? I started to find some information on Hijab..I wanted to wear it because I want to wear it, because I know the true reason behind it, because I know it is my own responsibility. Now, let me share some of the things that I've found:

1. Hijab is an act of obedience, as Allah has clearly instructed muslim women to do this. Surah Al-Ahzab (Verse 36): It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.

2. Hijab is Modesty. Allah has made the adherence to the hijab a manifestation for chastity and modesty. There is an evidence that the recognition of the apparent beauty of the woman is harmful to her.

3. Hijab is Purity. The hijab makes for greater purity for the hearts of believing men and women because it screens against the desire of the heart. Without the hijab, the heart may or may not desire. That is why the heart is more pure when the sight is blocked (by hijab) and thus the prevention of fitna (evil actions is very much manifested. The hijab cuts off the ill thoughts and the greed of the sick hearts:

4. Hijab is Iman (Belief and Faith). Allah (swt) did not address His words about the hijab except to the believing women, Al-Mo'minat. In many cases in the Qur'an Allah refers to the "the believing women". Aisha (RA), the wife of the prophet (pbuh), addressed some women from the tribe of Banu Tameem who came to visit her and had light clothes on them, they were improperly dressed: "If indeed you are believing women, then truly this is not the dress of the believing women, and if you are not believing women, then enjoy it." So, how can we claimed ourselves as 'a believing women' (Muslimah yang beriman) when we don't do the basic thing that has been intructed to us by God?

5. Hijab is Gheerah. The hijab fits the natural feeling of Gheerah, which is intrinsic in the straight man who does not like people to look at his wife or daughters. Gheerah is a driving emotion that drives the straight man to safeguard women who are related to him from strangers. The straight MUSLIM man has Gheerah for ALL MUSLIM women In response to lust and desire, men look (with desire) at other women while they do not mind that other men do the same to their wives or daughters. The mixing of sexes and absence of hijab destroys the Gheera in men. Islam considers Gheerah an integral part of faith. The dignity of the wife or daughter or any other Muslim woman must be highly respected and defended.

There you go. Such are the beauties of Islam. Shame on me for being ignorance on this. Thank God that I have been given such tests, that I had taken the time to do some reflections, and thus find my way back home. Subhanallah.

Hijab is not merely a covering dress but more importantly, it is behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public. Muslim women who wear hijab do not find it impractical or interfering with their activities in all levels and walks of life. However, in today's world, I found that wearing Hijab has become a fashion trend. And sometimes, those who wear Hijab does acts that are wrong and shamefuls. It's not uncommon to find some of them, wearing Hijab, but commit acts of Zina or Khalwat....wearing Hijab, but cursing and screaming bad words..etc etc etc.

I pray that I will remain wearing Hijab...Dear God, please give me the strength and please guide me to the right path. I feel happier with myself now. Wearing Hijab has changed me a lot. I'm more careful with my words, my acts, and controlling my temper. 'Ketenangan'..serene and peaceful...that's what I feel.

To Gee, you have been there for me during my ups and downs, during my most vulnerable period. I'm so thankful for a friend like you. Your support is deeply appreciated. Thanks for being a sister..dunia dan akhirat...here and there-after. :)

And to dear hubby, thanks a bunch for always being here for me. He has explained to me about Hijab earlier on our marriage. But he is not someone who pushes people to follow him. He left me to think and to decide by myself, and for myself. He believed that one day I would make the right decision. I'm so glad and thankful that the day had come. Alhamdulillah...

Engagement Ceremony

Yesterday, we went back to my dad's hometown. My cousin, Akmal was getting engaged. It's quite refreshing, after stories on divorces and infidelities..finally someone is getting married in the family. Hehehe..

The future groom

Our side prepared 9 tray of gifts for the girl. My aunt, Cik Idah prepared all by herself..and my cousin Kak Nong dia the Sirih Junjung arrangement. My mom sponsored the cake..a lovely heart shape cake in purple (the color theme)

Gifts from Akmal to his fiance

Our group was represented by Akmal's maternal uncle. It has been decided that the dowry would be RM 8000, and the engagement period will be in one and a half year maximum. Expected wedding date will be someday in December 2009.

The discussion.

After finished discussing, Akmal's maternal grandmother went in to the future bride's room for the ring ceremony.

The future bride

Part of our group

Bride-to-be (sitting) with Akmal's paternal side of the family. From left, Makcik Jah, Busu, Kak Nong, Izan, Me and My Mom

Later, we received gifts from the future bride for her fiance.

Congratulations to my cousin, Hainur Akmal bin Ahmad, and his fiance, Linda Daim. May all your dreams will come true.


Last Saturday, dear hubby had a futsal game. It was organized by the Sports and Social Club of OSM and Rapiscan Systems. Dear hubby led his department (Service Deparment) of six players. Me and the kids were there to support. Cheerss for Service! Yeayyy!!!

Service Department' Futsal Team

Service Team in action

Tired....(errr..it's NOT like they've won anyway...hehehe..)

The cheer leaders...Go Service Go! Go Abah Go! Yeayyyy Serviceeee!!!!

Anyway, the Service Deparment lost..hehe..to the Production team I think. I don't really understand the game anyway, and I was busy keeping eyes on the kids because they were hanging on the court. Was afraid the ball would bounce right at them.

My babies, cheering for their Abah.

Here's a little something on Futsal:

Futsal is an indoor version of association football. Its name is derived from the Portuguese futebol de salão and the Spanish fútbol sala/de salón, which can be translated as 'indoor football'.

Futsal is played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. In addition each team may have seven substitutes. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the court is delimited by lines, and not walls or boards that players can use to rebound the ball. Futsal is played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a football. The emphasis is on improvisation, creativity and technique.

I'm not a Sport person. But my other half is. So, being a good wife (hehehe...) I will support whatever his interest is. Since we got married, I had been cheering for him in football, futsal, bowling and fishing. Quite tiring actually, being not interested..haha..but I'm happy when hubby is happy. So, ok lahh.. :)