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Happy Birthday Ibu

Seems like birthday occasion will always be the reason for me to update the blog. Hehe..LOL

Yesterday, 15th Mac, was my mom's 67th birthday. Since my dad passed away, we have never celebrated her birthday. No cakes, no birthday song. Just a simple wish from us. But since it's been almost 5 years, and mom has been quite happy these days (able to control her emotion better), I decided to bake her a cake. (Well..just a good reason for me to execute my hobby, eh? Hehe..). My little family stay together with my mom, apparently I can't do the baking behind her. So, early in the morning I just wished her and that's it. I just make a 'muka toya', like nothing will happen.

After lunch, I started my baking operation. This is quite normal to my family as baking has been a routine for me these days. I decided to make one of Chef Alex Goh's chocolate cake, and tried my hand on moulding flowers from gum paste. Made some lilies, simple roses and simple star flowers. I left my laptop on, hoping that my mom will spend her time surfing. (Yes, my mom surfs the internet, hehe..I frequently find her blog-hopping, or visiting her favorite websites, and lately I found her surfing online shops...haihhh...aku ajar sikit aje..makin terror lak dia..aiyaa).

Secretly I decorated the cake, light a candle, turned off the lights...and when everything is done, I gathered my kids..and me, dear hubby, the kids and Bibik brought the cake to her while singing her a birthday song. :) My mom was so surprised, but I know she was very very happy. It warmed my heart to see her smile so brightly. I miss that smile! And I know she appreciated my effort. Usually my mom only eats plain cake (non-decorated cake). But she finished up her slice of cake..(which is coated with thick chocolate ganache)..and this morning, she ate another slice! Wahhh...I'm feeling very very very happy.

Ok..Ibu, if you are reading this (yes, I know you read my blog, hehe..), just know that we love you very very very much! All of us...Intan, Zul, Harith, Hannah, Abang Nol, Kak Liza, Dian and Hafiz...Eventhough we can never replace Ayah, but we will try to make you happy. I know I might be a very stubborn, naughty, and sometimes mulut laser daughter, but one thing is clear..I LOVE YOU IBU! MUAHHHHSS!!!!!

5 Foot Steps:

suesamsudin said...

Selamat hr lahir gak buat ibu akak n hubby tersayang akak...moga semuanya dlm rahmat n berkat Allah....

me, myself, cici and titi said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Iza's Ibu :D

Iza Zulkifli said...

thx all :) (bagi pihak ibu, hehe..)

azura said...

macammm sedaaappp jek chocolate cake hok ni! hari tu punya kek nenas tu...apa rasa??? tengok mcm sedap...rasa tak tau laa..

aku mmg suka hasil tangan ko! jgn terkejut kalau tetiba ada yg mintak quotation harga kek plak lps ni! Ahaks!

ilurvechoclate said...

perhatian..anda telah di tag...sila lihat page saya untuk tgk ape yg anda perlu buat.heheheee